We believe that in this consumer-centric industry, we can effect positive outcomes for our patients by providing:
  • Qualified, experienced nurses.
  • By stimulating patient engagement by employing the use of our person – centered philosophy to ensure that patients can easily engage in the relationship they need to maintain optimum wellness..
  • By working to mitigate the challenges of staffing that meets the needs of our patients.
We also believe that honest evaluation and adequate responsiveness to the needs of the patient, as well as cost containment by efficient management of time and supplies will ultimately result in a satisfactory home care experience for all involved.


Our Hours of Operation Are Monday to Friday From
9AM to 5PM.

Before and after hours calls are routed to our answering service, who will contact our on call RN for urgent matters. Non urgent calls are returned on the next business day.
Amicus Nursing Services is dedicated to providing a wide range of therapeutic services to the adult and pediatric patient population.

Categories included are antibiotics, antifungals, immunoglobulins, steroids, pain management, cardiovascular agents, PPN, TPN and many other treatment modalities.
Before and afterhours calls are routed to our answering service who will contact our RN on call for urgent matters. Nonurgent calls are returned the next business day.

We do administer “First Doses” in the home.


Amicus Nursing Services, Inc. was created to partner with various Infusion Pharmacies who operate locally as well as nationally, to provide the best care possible to patients in their homes, by being reliable, committed and efficient. We will assist our clients to consistently serve their patients, and overcome the limitations imposed by the nursing shortage.
Amicus provides qualified and experienced Registered Nurses and to its Infusion and Health Care Providers. With our commitment to providing excellent patient care, we are able to provide like-minded nursing professionals.
During our almost two decades in the industry we have come to understand the essential elements that are satisfactory both to you, the providers, and to our Nurses. We invite you to partner with us to be the best IV Infusion and Home Care provider in the DC metropolitan area.



If you are a Nurse who

  • Likes complete independence and autonomy at work
  • Likes total flexibility to choose your working hours
  • Likes absolute control on how much you want to earn
  • Likes to meet and help people

We have the right job for you!

Nurses have constantly struggled to balance their home and work life. You now have the finest opportunity in the DC Metro region to utilize your nursing skills for maximum benefits.


don@amicusnursing.com for referrals and general questions
docs@amicusnursing.com for nursing inquiries
Main Office
16701 Melford Blvd., Suite 415
Bowie, MD 20715
Phone: 240-544-5448
Fax: 240-544-5449
VA Office
211 North Union St., Suite 116
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703-519-1219
Fax: 240-544-5449
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